About the Desktop


The H.Desktop is here by the hand of a history student that intends to do her best content curation to help you sail through the information overload you get when you are just starting on Digital Humanities!

The Humanities’ Desktop is here to motivate people to get involved on the transformations brought by the new technologies and tendencies!┬áThe main goal is to be your guide into this new world, and give you the basis to understand and know the Digital Humanities! But more than that get you engaged in this new area by being at ease with your desktop! Not all of us get the chance or classes needed to understand…

There’s little authorship here given the idea is to give you the tools and references, that need for your own work and effort! But the idea is to create a point of discussion by sharing of procedures and experiences.

Hence you are more than welcome to comment every aspect of this site, but if you want to send any direct message to me use this form: