Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School 2017

Although a little bit late for you to take part this year Oxford Summer Course, you still have the chance to follow at a distance! The organisation establishes an hashtag - #dhoxss2017 - for you to follow the works and discussions that will happen between the 3rd and 7th of July! As you can see … Continue reading Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School 2017


TedTalks: Data on the Web

Conversations about data, linked data and big data are starting to diffuse through society but in fact it is an old subject! And its debate associated with the work and propositions of Tim Berners-Lee the spokesman for Linked Open Data for the Web. Here are some of his TedTalks which show the evolution of his … Continue reading TedTalks: Data on the Web

The Programming Historian

Meet the Programming Historian¬†- an online publication focused on historic research and data sources. Its philosophy is very similar your one and only Desktop, presenting the mission: The Programming Historian offers novice-friendly, peer-reviewed tutorials that help humanists learn a wide range of digital tools, techniques, and workflows to facilitate their research. Its great value comes … Continue reading The Programming Historian