Welcome, be amazed!

The Humanities’ Desktop is your door to the novelties the Digital World has to offer you!

– you being a young student eager to start, a long credited teacher or scientist, or even just a person eager to keep up with new trends.

The Digital Humanities are already an old thing but before enrolling in a new subject (because for many that’s what it is) we propose for you to be at ease with your desktop by learning the wonders it can accomplish! Hence getting the opportunity to  save an incredible amount of time or be seen as an IT deity among colleagues!

For that we try to show you:

What to look

If you click here it will show you the most interesting stuff for you to understand the possibilities at play! So new trends, projects and its results, and much more!

We have to say that it is mainly more dynamic materials to incite your interest!

How to learn

If what you are wondering which software to use or how to use it, or even a Do It Yourself manual click here! Also if you are in need of a theoretical framework!

Here we show the more technical aspects of the Digital Reality!

Where to go

For a more in person approach you have a description of opportunities to receive formal education, centres at your disposal, face to face debates, and even engage in conferences!

In the end the Digital world has lots to offer but it demands a lot too, and you need to keep up!